Story, development and mapping by colonelsalt.

Art team

  • Magnus Nyborg Berg [Spotify | Soundcloud] (Backwaxed on our Discord server), who has composed a series of original tracks scattered throughout the game
  • strange_kid, who has made significant graphics contributions in the form of original sprites and tilesets
  • Brolunite, who has drawn a lot of key sprites in the game (notably a complete revamp of all Rocket Admins and several of the Player overworld sprites)
  • Paul Aamodt Brandal (also member of Magnus's excellent rock band Møbius) who has composed a strikingly menacing remix of a FireRed track that features late in the game
  • Bacson Dias Graça for drawing the main character's Admin backsprite.

Beta testing team

  • Poli
  • PrimalFan on Discord
  • Jalen Washington (F14m3rz)
  • InfernoFire (I steal memes on Discord)
  • serif_Aizawa (serif on Discord)
  • SILVER on Discord
  • Agent Coulson on Discord
  • Xtimertx
  • IHM3000 on Discord
  • Obelisk1232
  • OliveBandit (Perverted vehicle on Discord)
  • IAmYES (yes. on Discord)

Special thanks

  • ckret2, the creator of Pokémon Toxic Purple, to whom I owe my original inspiration for creating a Team Rocket hack. In spirit, Rocket Edition owes so much to ckret2’s wonderful hack – everything from the blasé dialogue style right down to the Rattata starter gag (which is, of course, a shameless case of artistic theft on my part, I won’t hesitate to admit). I would largely attribute my motivation to stick at making Rocket Edition to the memory of how much fun I had playing through the original alpha version of Toxic Purple back in 2009.
  • FBI, without whose comprehensive, yet simple assembly language tutorials, many of the game’s more advanced functions (of which Pokémon stealing is a notable mention) could never have been. Also for making public many of his ASM routines for novel mechanics, which have been used in this game.
  • JPAN, who deserves credit not only for his excellent ASM tutorial, but also for the myriad of extremely useful functions and fixes included in his FireRed Hacked Engine, of which Rocket Edition makes use of quite a few. Touched and daniilS for answering my newbish ASM questions, and for providing me with in-depth explanations of unfamiliar concepts where they arose. daniilS also deserves credit for properly introducing me to knizz’s database, which brings me to…
  • knizz for his ridiculously comprehensive FireRed disassembled database, without which Rocket Edition couldn’t have been what it is today.
  • CinderGhost on DeviantArt, whose work the player character’s backsprite, as well as large parts of his OW sprite can be attributed to.
  • MrDollSteak, whose Decap and Attack Rombase has made Rocket Edition a lot cleaner-looking and more balanced.
  • Navenatox, whose dynamic colour palette patch has made putting together maps and story scenes so much easier during development. His dynamic map music script, as well as his finding of the tweak that allows for changing preset option settings have also made Rocket Edition cleaner and smoother.
  • Jambo51, routine for class-based Trainer music, and for making the player face every challenged Trainer.
  • HackMew, as should go without saying, for making all the excellent ROM hacking tools that I have relied on so heavily during development. He should also, of course, take credit for locating the simple tweak that lets the player run inside.
  • Ghoulslash, for quality-of-life hacks used in the game, and for very generous personalised help in fixing their errors!